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Hi Peter & Co.,

Would it be possible to support SVG overlays over bitmaps somehow? That is, I'd like to have a way to superimpose textual information over a bitmap image, e.g. to highlight regions or explain particular aspects of the image. Or should that be a task for another program? I think it would be important to have such text editable, so that it can be easily changed and translated.--Eloquence

Hi eloquence; fascinating idea.  I know for a fact it's possible to include bitmaps in SVG's (see [1]); I'd leave it up to the author to negotiate the URI.  Barring that, bitmap to SVG conversion is also possible (see the same page); in which case, you'd include the data directly in your <svg></svg>.  As that's likely to scare off newbies, I'll work on accomplishing the first, more elegant method.  Danenberg 01:28, 13 Sep 2004 (CDT)


Great idea to provide gnuplot. Maybe you found this out already but if not, might I suggest you avoid using the png terminal? It is not antialiased, and the font is ugly. I generally use postscript, then use ghostscript to rasterize with antialiasing. Possibly svg and batik would also work. --

Thanks; is the overhead considerable with gs? Danenberg 00:28, 24 February 2006 (CST)

I introduce you MoniWiki. And it's example, WikiSandBox...

This Wiki system is made and maintained by a Korean. (I am another Korean, too). And its major user's language is Korean. So, this page contains Korean characters (its language code is 'ko' your source code has 'languages/languageKo.php' file, and it is for that language.), so you probably cannot see some part of it appropriately. But it is not because of wiki system's error, but merely the content of this SandBox page.


And you should see the MoniWiki source code's 'plugin/processor' subdirectory and the file 'gnuplot.php' You can also see the simple 'latex.php' file in the same directory.

I hope this will be some hint for you to implement gnuplot function. -- PakKwang-il

Fascinating; and I noticed you've employed an "Edit Image" functionality.  Nice prototype to a “parallel editing” model; thank you.  Danenberg 22:57, 26 Oct 2004 (CDT)