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  • Porting Wikitex to [Moodle]Benramdane 15 Dec 2005
  • Dispensate for parameters of the form <music tempo=80></music>, which will be indispensible for SVG.
    • Which is to say, modify Parser.php to pass an array of parms and not merely the element's value.
  • Can we get a package that will typeset Chinese/Japanese text? In Japanese particularly, there's a feature called furigana that lets you set smaller text above characters to indicate pronounciation, and only Internet Explorer supports the XHTML tags to display this currently. It would be great to be able to do it in TeX. Bigpeteb
Would that be preferable to using Unicode? Danenberg 17:46, 30 Jan 2005 (CST)
Bigpeteb, if you're talking about <ruby> annotation, there's a plugin for Mozilla/Firefox that displays those correctly. -- 14:11, 19 May 2005 (CDT)
  • Macro support?


  • Transition from a modular (<rend class=math>) to a token tag system (<math>).  (Awaiting consensus on tokens, whether XML <math>; wiki-esque [[[math]]]; or allomorph [!!...!!].)
    • Though tokens offer some convenience, there are certain expansibility concerns: in order to add new modules, arbitrary and unintuitive tags have to be fabricated (allomorph); or there may be semantic problems (XML; <math>, for instance, being the root element in MathML).  (Consensus dictates XML-style tags.)
  • Simplified quasi-sgml: <rend music tempo: 50 "c d e f" />; <rend class {attribute: value} "content" />.  (Vici.)
  • Two linguist's classes:
    • <rend class=ling> for Christopher Manning's avs.sty, with sorted and unsorted attribute-value matrices and support for tree-dvips;
    • <rend class=tipa> for International Phonetic Alphabet symbols.  (Vici.)
  • Whether negative security or white-list à la Tomasz Wegrzanowski: “The moral: in the end you'll need a whitelist of allowed commands.”  The one, unbroken vigilance; the other, communism.  ( seems to have successfully implemented a negative model, which is in any case the most expansible.)
  • Parsing of TeX into plain text for <img [...] alt="description" />.  (Unformatted TeX serves as suitable basis for <img [...] alt="description" />.)
  • Incorporation with Wiki software.  (Vici.)